How To Fix HBase Browser “Localhost:9090” Error

In Hue 2.5, on Cloudera Manager 4.8, the HBase Browser is not configured to be operational out of the box. At first you only receive an error message:

This message is not very informative, but it means that Thrift has indeed not be configured for HBase Browser.

This message is not very informative, but it means that Thrift is not configured for Hbase Browser.

It took me some time, but I finally found in the documentation how to enable thrift for HBase Browser:

Extract from Cloudera documentation: A Hue Service

Enabling the HBase Browser application
The HBase Browser application, new as of CDH4.4, depends on the HBase Thrift server for its functionality. The Thrift server role is not added by default when you install HBase, so in order to use the HBase Browser you must first add a Thrift Server role.

To add a Thrift Server role:

  1. Select the HBase service, then select the Instances tab.
  2. Click the Add button to go to the Add Role page.
  3. Select the host(s) where you want to add the Thrift Server role (you only need one for Hue) and click Continue. The Thrift server role should appear in the instances list for the HBase server.
  4. Select the Thrift Server role instance, and from the Actions for Selected menu, Start the role.

To configure Hue for the HBase Browser:

  1. Select the Hue service, then under the Configuration tab select View and Edit.
  2. Go to the Service-Wide category.
  3. For the HBase Service property, make sure it is set to the HBase service for which you enabled the Thrift Server role(if you have more than one HBase service instance).
  4. In the HBase Thrift Server property, click in the edit field and select the Thrift Server role that Hue should use.
  5. Save Changes to have these configurations take effect.

Update Feb 6, 2014

The error message will be clarified in a future version, see HUE-1932

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